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“We create an amazing dining experience that keeps you connected to the intricate web of the many hands that brought your meal to the table. From tiny seedlings to an elegant dinner plate, we strive to connect our clients to, and educate them about a holistic approach to food.  For us, this means connecting our clients to each phase the food passed through on its way to your plate and cultivating an understanding of how important our relationship to food can be for the health and well-being of our world. We look forward to creating an unforgettable experience for you in the near future!”

-Chef Coby Leibman

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Some Helpful Information

We strive to connect and educate our clients to the local farms and the spirit of the land. Many of our menus will cite the farms and what they specialize in as well as the area and “terroir” of where their grown in. We are happy to create specialized menus for your event with custom dishes based on your parties preferences and budget. Once you receive the menu let us know what selections you would like or any modifications you would prefer. Once we have a confirmed menu, we will send you a price quote and initial deposit information.

How We Operate

  1. Events are quoted on a per head basis once we have created the menu together. This process should be enjoyable and relaxed, so we do not factor this time into the quote.
  2. Per head quotes account for the product and services required to produce the food prior to your event in our kitchen. Please note, your quote rarely includes: equipment rentals, venue rentals, service charges, or additional labor required for your event such as bar-tending, and venue set-up. Separate line items will appear for these charges, which vary based on task assignment.
  3. Many events require one or more preliminary site visit in order to establish rental needs, service table layout, kitchen functionality and/or to meet with the venue’s event manager. Site visits incur a fee of $45.00/hour payable to each person in attendance, including driving time.
  4. Whether or not a site visit is required, events outside our service radius will incur a fee of $0.60/mile for all staff vehicles visiting your venue.
  5. We are proud to have developed close relationships with many local farms and we source our products directly from those farms and often travel to local markets to pick them up. We pride ourselves on using products that are in season and in abundance. We enjoy working carefully with our clients to craft the best possible menu, fitting for the season and your vision.
  6. Many factors can affect the cost of an event. Knowing certain details early on can help us give you a more accurate quote.
  7. A gentle reminder: Full service catering requires a great deal of focus and care as each and every event is unique. Because your cuisine is being procured and prepared for you, delivered to you, served to your guests, packed up and taken away, we advise our clients to estimate that a catered event will cost as much as 30% more than it would in a restaurant serving similar food.