“Coby was a complete delight to work with! I’m a wedding planner and my clients were looking for someone to cater their welcome dinner for their immediate family (approx. 25 guests) the night before their wedding. . .Coby completely exceeded their expectations! It was such a special dinner that set the tone for the whole wedding weekend. He was warm & professional – you could feel & taste the love that he brought to the food! I can’t wait to use Coby’s services again for future events!  I highly recommend him for your catering needs.”

Freida Ravasco, Wedding Planner


“My dinner with Chef Coby was better than my dinner at the French Laundry the night before. Will definitely look forward to another dinner in the future.”

Michael Kaufmann Private Dinner Client


“We have several professional wedding-goers that attended our wedding last week (seriously, these folks seem to go to a wedding every weekend in the Summer months) tell us that Coby’s meal was the best wedding food they’ve ever had. Coby not only prepared an incredible feast for us at our wedding, but he did so with the most fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients available, something that was deeply important to us. Our fish tacos came from the local fisherman in the town of our wedding. Most of the produce he used actually came from the farm we got married on.
The night of our wedding, everything turned out beautifully and without a hitch.
Coby was a joy to have with us at our wedding, was very professional, and we can only hope that our friends hire him for their weddings so we can eat some of his food again!
Thanks so much Coby!!”

Chris Hoog, Catering Client


“Coby recently catered my daughter’s wedding. Located in a remote, off the grid farm he managed to produce and serve a wonderful wedding dinner despite not having a state of the art kitchen to work in. His menu was creative and sourced from local farms and the event unfolded seamlessly and was not only delicious but beautifully presented. Coby’s relaxed attitude helped maintain calm in what could have been a stressful situation. From beginning to end he was wonderful to work with. He would be my first recommendation to anyone planning an event with the need of a chef. Great attitude, delicious food. He delivered on all fronts.”

Caroline D, Catering Client


“Coby is the best caterer/chef we have ever used. He has helped us in four events with 30 people and each time participants are thrilled to see him again in the kitchen. His food is infused with amazing taste and some extra love. He is also very skillful at adapting people’s different dietary needs. I would recommend him every time!”

Elizabeth Husserl, Catering Client


“Coby is one of the best chefs that I have had the pleasure to work with. We hired him to prepare two dinners for 9 guests renting a home outside of Healdsburg. Coby was prompt, friendly and a joy to work with. His sample menus are filled with incredible fresh seasonal delicacies using locally sourced items. The presentation is superb. Coby is the chef to pick if you are looking for cutting edge, beautifully designed cuisine. Highly recommended !!!”

Charles Cox,  Catering Client


“I attended an event with a girlfriend that Coby catered and was not only impressed but deeply touched by his approach to food and courtesy.  My experience was that Coby is a master of details and gracefully tended to so many facets while still laughing and managing his small team of helpers with kindness.  The meal was exceptional with creative use of fresh, local ingredients, it was plated beautifully and tasted amazing. Beyond this though was a certain air that seemed to come with Coby himself and it’s that extra something that is hard to fully articulate but made the event memorable and magical. I spoke with Coby for a while about his love of preparing food and feasting others and he shared the sweetest story of his grandfather who was also in love with good ingredients and making people smile with baked goods and chocolate. I dont normally write reviews but I couldnt help but share with others about the utter beauty and unique presence Coby brings to his catering.  Not a lot of people out there are doing what this man does and he’s doing it with a care and devotion that is hard to find these days. I cant wait to hire him for my next event.”

Emily K.   Guest at Catered Event


“Coby rocks!  he made a delicious feast for my friend’s birthday dinner, and let us participate too!  really yummy black cod dish that was super flakey and moist.  all the food was prepared from local, organic ingredients.  would definitely recommend him.”

Ana V.  Catering Client



“I recently organized a bachelorette party and thought that getting a private chef would be an easy alternative to transporting 10 girls to a restaurant. Coby was the perfect solution. Everything about the experience was easy…figuring out the menu, the best time to eat, and he handled everything from set-up to clean dishes. The food was absolutely delicious and everyone appreciated that it was locally sourced. The amount of food we got was perfect and there was plenty of food for everyone to have seconds and some food was even left over! Everyone was thoroughly impressed with the menu he prepared for us. Personality-wise, Coby was very easy going and gracefully fielded questions about food and how his dishes were made. I would definitely recommend and next time I have personal chef needs, will contact him!”

Wyeth W. Catering Client



“We had Coby come cook a special dinner for us at the house we rented in Healdsburg a couple of weeks ago. From the very beginning of contacting him, he was incredibly professional, and responsive to our various requests. We left him a key to let himself in and start prepping while we were out wine tasting. We were delighted to arrive home to an incredible meal of 4 courses, paired with wine!!! Everything was fresh, locally sourced and absolutely delicious! He even made a fresh strawberry birthday cake that his wife decorated with edible flowers. It was gorgeous and my guests were so impressed! I would hire him again in a heartbeat!”

Britain Garner, Catering Client

“Hiring Chef Coby was an amazing experience. I’ve never hired a chef before, but we rented a house in Sonoma for 8 women and thought it’d be nice to have a home cooked meal one night at the house we rented for the weekend. We were out all day wine tasting and came home to a DELICIOUS 3 course meal already being prepared by Coby (left the key for him so he could start before we got home). He prepared and served everything outside for us by the fireplace. It could not have come out any better. Afterwards he served an amazing bread pudding dessert. He even cleaned up the entire kitchen. Would definitely recommend him and hire him again the future! This was more than 5 stars!”

Alexis E. Catering Client