Past Events

Balkan Ballad

Martin Prechtel Northern Annual Ritual Gathering


Saturday Dinner
Venison stew with wild hedgehog mushrooms, juniper berries and local new potatoes
Vegetarian option: Wild nettle soup with Coby’s homemade goat chèvre
Marinated locally-harvested seaweed and kale salad
Nasturtium, watercress and arugula pesto
Cob oven baked sunflower seed bread
Cornbread with elderberry, sage and blue corn (gluten free)
Dessert to be announced

Sunday Lunch
Herb frittata with wild greens (one with and one without chèvre)
Green salad with wildflowers and foraged seeds
Wild Rice Pilaf with local rice, wild local salmon and Ocean Song arugula
Local Meyer lemon lemonade
Herbal and caffeinated teas and coffee

Culinary Feast with Live Music at Howard’s in Occidental

Come Join us for a delectable evening of food, music and dance at Howard’s Station. Guest Chef Coby Leibman will be hosting a four course gourmet meal paired with the incredible music of “Agapi Mou”, the renowned Berkeley-based Mediterranean soul music band. The meal will be a celebration of Eastern Mediterranean peoples, showcasing the amazing ingredients and flavors of Turkey, Greece and Armenia. The story of this region will be told through visual displays of the history of the ingredients, the music of the region, and the flavors of these traditional dishes. All produce will be locally sourced and organic. Each dish will be beautifully presented and delicately spiced to accentuate the highlighted ingredients.

Blossoming Caravan is a multi sensory culinary experience that aims to bring an understanding of different cultures and world history through the palate, story, and music.  Chef Coby Leibman offers a series of dinners that showcase different cultures and regions of the world, and share the often forgotten stories of the ingredients themselves- their migration and uses throughout time, and how people have traditionally honored and shared them.  With each dinner we hope to create a feast for all the senses, an honoring of our interwoven ancestral histories, and a true celebration of the foods we love.

Aya Davidson and Gregory Masaki Jenkins formed Agapi Mou three years ago in Berkeley. The name “Agapi Mou” translates from Greek to mean “my love” and signifies the group’s love of and dedication to the traditional music of Greece. With Aya on violin and vocals and Greg on clarinet and vocals, the group is rounded out with Greek-American percussionist/vocalist Michael Garibaldi and Alan Davidson on the Greek lute (laouto).

The regional diversity of musical styles in Greece is truly surprising for the size of the country. With respect for both the dramatic and nuanced characteristics of these styles, Agapi Mou gracefully threads together an impressive musical selection, presenting songs and dance tunes from numerous islands, including Crete, Rhodes, Amorgos, Ikaria, Mytillini, and mainland areas such as Thrace, Macedonia, Eipirus, and the Peloponnese. The group also performs a number of selections from nearby countries such as Albania, Turkey, and Armenia.