Coby Leibman is a Private Chef who specializes in celebrations, retreats and wild foraging classes and dinners. His goal is to connect his clients to the amazing local flavors of the forest, sea and farms of Sonoma County. Through the intricate flavors of freshly picked ingredients he hopes to nourish his clients in a unique way that connects us to the local land and supports the local ecology and farms.  Everything he makes is handmade and created with attention and love. Food is prepared simply and elegantly to highlight wild foraged ingredients and farm fresh produce.

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Based in the heart of the Sonoma County I service most of the Bay Area and North Bay.

I offer a variety of options, including:

  • One Time Event Catering, Celebrations and Special Events
  • Wild Foraged Dinners and Classes
  • Multi-day Event Catering (workshops, retreats, festivals)
  • Pop Up Farm to Table Dinners at Local Restaurants and Farms

Chef Coby creates the freshest cuisine possible by cooking food onsite, at the event. Many catering companies prepare everything in a central kitchen and transport it hours sometimes days later slightly reheating it at the event. We believe that the food should come to you as fresh as it possibly can be, picked or foraged within a day and made fresh at your event.

Each menu is carefully designed to your specific group. I create rustic beautiful menus that celebrate world cuisine wild ingredients and local organic produce. All of our dishes are elegantly plated with an attention to detail creating flavors that are fresh, intricate and memorable.